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Jonas Kasper Jensen

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Jonas Kasper Jensen


Generative AI & AR figures

Courtesy of the artist

DEMENTIA is most easily understood by describing how the work is done. First of all, DEMENTIA is a series of 42 digital drawings. These drawings are a depiction of a decentralised grid structure in vivid colours. The drawings have been fed to a generative AI, creating a set of 365 new images inspired by the original drawings. The new images, made by artificial intelligence, have then been extrapolated into 3D figures. In this process, the bright colours make the most volume and the dark the least volume. What you see in the images is these 3D sculptures photographed via augmented reality. Every day during 2022, Jensen takes a photo of a new sculpture and thus documenting all sculptures. The real-world background chosen for each sculpture is chosen to reflect the season. All photographs and 3D sculptures are tokenised as an NFT on a blockchain after making them. This is done so that it will be possible to see the work while it unfolds and so that the project is preserved as long as the blockchain is still maintained. Because DEMENTIA is a meeting between the real and the artificial and the past and the present, it is an attempt to capture the “exodus to the metaverse” while it unfolds. It is about actively forgetting the past to make room for the new.    


Jonas Kasper Jensen is a Danish visual artist based in Copenhagen, born in 1982. Jensen works in the intersection of digital art, NFT art, painting and sound art. In his work, he processes ideas about blockchain technology, fluid gender roles and the notion of change. Jensen has been working with blockchain technology since 2019. 

Jensen studied at The Royal Academy of Fine Arts 2012, Copenhagen and Städelschule, Frankfurt am Main 2011. Jensen has most recently been exhibiting at Arden Asbæk Gallery (DK), CICA Museum (KOR), MOCA Museum in Somniumspace and Detroit (US), Art Teleported (US) & SixtyEight Art Institute (DK).

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