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CryptoPong Participate, 2022

Mixed media installation


CryptoPong Participate is an interactive art installation honoring the 50th anniversary of the Pong game with a reference to some of the earlier interactive moving-image installations from the 1960s focusing on behaviour and consumerism such as Valie Export's legendary work Ping Pong from 1968 and Agnès Varda's later work Ping Pong, Tong, et Camping from 2006. 


In 2022, CryptoPong Participate explores a new interactive aspect of consumerism and digital behavior. Aspects that include behavior on the blockchain with its transparency of transactions, NFT collectables, gamification and how we relate to a new reality combining the physical and the virtual world with digital assets being verified. 


CryptoPong Participate places you in a game setting and invite you to interact and play. In the physical game a NFT project is hidden and the player has the opportunity to choose a digital or a physical dimension of the art work, questioning art work’s authenticity, ownership and value. 

Practical Information

If you find a unique ball with art you can keep it or request a NFT, by sending a letter with photo of the ball taken at the reception, before the exhibition ends. Please note: It is your own responsibility to send the correct crypto address to CryptoPong before the end of the exhibition. For the CryptoPong at Nikolaj Kunsthal the deadline is January 22, 2023. Neither CryptoPong nor Nikolaj Kunsthal can be held responsible for anything related to the blockchain.

Kindly supported 
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