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Ida Kvetny

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Ida Kvetny

HERMES, 2022 - 𐀁𐀔𐁀

AR sculptures and XR film project based on SMK Opens' 3D digital archive.

Duration: 6:30 min (loop)

The co-existence and the balance between digital and physical objects often feel forced, with one or the other seemingly unnatural in the habits in which it might be placed. Somehow these objects seem disconnected, almost as if they infringe on the opposite. Ida Kvetny’s approach, however, balances this tight rope with ease, creating a harmonious existence of both physical and digital objects in a practice that seems to extend the digital beyond its natural reach - the screen. With an expanded digital practice, Kvetny’s physical paintings and clay sculptures find a natural existence and space in her surreal VR settings.


In her piece HERMES, which is included in CryptoPong, the surreal narrative has a surprisingly grounded feeling when knowing that Kvetny has physically crafted and created some of the objects in the video, only to scan them and add them into the narrative. One of her paintings has also become the skin on one of the dancing avatars “Apollo's Torso Hybrid” which is present in the video. Her craftsmanship starts outside the screen, only to be translated and built upon or changed once transferred into the digital.


For her AR sculpture, however, the craftsmanship is made into something digital, only to be brought into the physical world again. Again, something purely digital becomes surprisingly grounded through the simplicity of bringing it outside.


In the context of  the subject of the exhibition, such as NFTs, blockchain technology, web3 and the metaverse, Kvetny’s surreal narratives lend themselves naturally. HERMES might be considered a glimpse into one of the many metaverses out there. It is, as if, she has built her own realities and worlds, in which she invites the viewer to partake in, and extend into the real world.

Text by curator and art strategist Stina Gustafsson

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Ida Kvetny is a Danish artist born in 1980.

Through virtual reality, Kvetny merges the digital with her works in paint and clay thus creating a multimodal visual world. For Kvetny, the subconscious occupies a privileged position, as her intuitive approach to image creation leads to places unreachable by rationality.


She holds a BFA from Edinburgh College of Art and an MFA from the Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London. Kvetny has been awarded the Royal Scottish Academy Painters Prize, the Maclaine Medal, the Aage and Yelva Nimb Honorary Scholarship, and the Niels Wessel Bagge Art Foundation grant, and she has been listed for the Lumen Prize and part of the first Lumen & KnownOrigin NFT collection.

Recent solo shows by Kvetny include the Round Tower (DK), Politikens Forhal (DK), and Elena Shchukina Gallery (UK). She has participated in exhibitions at the Ystad Museum of Art (SE), Museum of Art at Seoul National University (KR), Torrance Art Museum (US), the Sovereign European Art Prize Exhibition at Somerset House (UK), Leroy Niemann Center (US) Abrons Arts Center (US), VRHAM! (DE), Brandts (DK), ARKEN Museum of Modern Art (DK), Holstebro Kunstmuseum (DK), Kunsthal Charlottenborg (DK), Trapholt Museum (DK), Gl. Holtegaard (DK), Thorvaldsens Museum (DK), Nikolaj Kunsthal (DK), CLAY Museum (DK), Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art (DK), ARoS, Aarhus Art Museum (DK) and most recently The National Gallery of Denmark (SMK).

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