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Eve Sussman I Rufus Corporation I

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Eve Sussman | Rufus Corporation | 

89 seconds Atomized, 2018

Video, consisting of 2,304 ‘atoms’ (NFTs)

Duration of video: 10:00 min (looped)

Courtesy of the artist I Rufus Corporation I

Each piece of 89 seconds Atomized is a 20 x 20 pixel video (an "atom") of Eve Sussman's last remaining artist's proof of the video art work 89 seconds at Alcázar that Sussman created with Rufus Corporation in 2004. Each atom has a duration of 9:44s, the total running time of the video. Because of the mechanics of blockchain, owners secure a piece of digital art that is uniquely identifiable, whose provenance and singularity cannot be pirated or faked. An experiment in collective ownership and interaction, blockchain mechanics allow each atom owner to borrow atoms from the entire community of owners or lend their atom to other owners to view 89 seconds Atomized. The degree to which the image is re-assembled is dependent on the participation of the community of 89SA collectors. 

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Photo: Jeff Wood

Eve Sussman is an American artist based in Brooklyn, New York. Born in London in 1961.

Eve Sussman's work explores the intersection of film, video, installation, and performance. Their work runs the gamut from small gauge analogue films and multi-camera surveillance operations to video installation and performances. Embracing expanded cinema and theater, they work with an international group of artists, writers, technologists, and musicians. Sussman is interested in the history of cinema and television: how stories are told and the tactics through which narrative is conveyed. Much of their approach is influenced by their experience shooting cinéma vérité, cementing a deep fascination with watching the everyday banalities in front of them. Their work is driven by ubiquitous anti-temporal problems within which all of humanity exists. They use technology to remind us that human psychology is pre-technological. 

Sussman’s work has been shown internationally in exhibitions at Museum of Modern Art (US), Whitney Museum of American Art (US), The National Gallery (UK), Louisiana Museum of Modern Art (DK), Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía (ES) amongst other places.

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