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Diana Velasco

Diana Velasco. Orbit 2022. 72dpi.jpg

Diana Velasco

Lockdown Tableau, 2022

3D-rendered film

2.56 minutes (loop)

Lockdown Tableau is a 3D-rendered film consisting of four lockdown tableaus circulating as planets in their orbit around the sun. Lockdown Tableau centers around themes such as identity, lockdown and representation with reference to the pandemic situation. It depicts the artist’s everyday life in different domestic settings, during the different Covid-19 lockdowns from 2020 and onwards, where she as many others lived in a bubble at home. In a situation like this we tend to forget how our own daily lives influences the larger picture and universal sphere and vice versa. Like an orbit with its meditative circular appearance Lockdown Tableau reminds us of how our inner and outer landscapes are intertwined.

Web.Diana Velascor.jpg

Diana Velasco is a Danish-Spanish digital artist based in Copenhagen and born in 1974.

She works with post-photography, 3D scans and 3D films. Velasco investigates the areas of identity, cultural memories, and sense of place - all related to her background in visual anthropology. Her work is shown at ARoS Art Museum - ARoS Public and is part of the Danish National Museum of Photography's collection at the Royal Library.

Installation at ARoS Public

Velasco has had solo shows at West Chicago City Museum (US), Museum of Danish America (US), Nordic Heritage Museum (US) The Danish Immigrant Museum (DK). Furthermore, Velasco has participated in group shows at ARoS Art Museum (DK), Kunsthal Charlottenborg (DK), Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art (DK), Overgaden (DK), Brandts (DK), Sophienholm (DK), NW Gallery (DK), Landskrona Photo Festival (SE), Reclaim Photography Festival (UK),  Imago Lisboa (PT), Espacio Fotografo Marcelo Gurruchaga (AR), EU in the US (US), Landskrona Photo Festival (SE), Festival de Luz (AR) & Nikolaj Kunsthal (DK)

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